Ways to Get A Credit Card with Bad Credit

If you are someone with a bad credit score today, you may be thinking that you can never again get a credit card to use for your needs. The truth is that despite your situation, there are some ways to get one, although limited. 

There are reasons why you may have obtained a bad credit score. It could be that you have missed payments or are behind in your payments. Perhaps at one point in your life you have filed for bankruptcy. But the good news is that, this is not the end of your ability to get a credit card. Below are some of the ways you can obtain a credit card with bad credit. From there, you should start rebuilding your credit to obtain a good score. 

One way is by applying for high interest cards. These cards are for those who have missed payments in the past but haven't had a major default. As the term implies, these cards have higher interest rates due to higher risks seen by the company because of your bad credit. If you obtain this fresh new card, use this as an opportunity to build your credit score by spending responsibly and paying on time. If you are consistent, you may be able to get a lower rates after 6 months to a year which will be more manageable to you.

Even if you have a major default on your credit, you can still get a credit card. There are secured credit cards that require an upfront amount that secures the credit card if you cannot pay the balance. This is a very low risk offer to you. In this type, you are asked to pay the amount of the total credit limit when you are issued a card. This gives you another opportunity to show that you can make payments on time always. In a few months or a year, you can turn this secured card into an unsecured credit card.

Finally, instead of getting new credit cards, you can also simply repair your credit card situation. Look for your credit cards that have not been closed due to non payment and make a determined effort to get the cards caught back up. When you are able to do this, you now have cards in good standing. Then you are able to accept a new credit card. 

If you have bad credit, don't give up. You can recover by following that tips given above. 

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